There are many different types of laboratories used around the world for various purposes.  A laboratory can be used for science, technology, experiments or measuring but no matter what the purpose, an expert’s design and construction of the facility should be a top priority.

building2_webCambridge Companies has design-build experience in commercial and solid waste facility construction and is offering this same expertise to the laboratory industry.  Many of the facilities we work on for the solid waste industry require specific designs and requirements in order for the facility to withstand the daily activity that occurs.  The facilities Cambridge designs and constructs are meant to last.  We bring the same quality to each and every project we complete.

Cambridge uses our Proven Process to ensure our clients are involved throughout the entire project.  We make sure you have all the information in order to make an informed decision regarding how the laboratory facility will be designed and constructed.

Services include:

  • Feasibility Studies & Preliminary Design
  • All Design Requirements; Permit & Construction Documents (Architectural & Engineering; MPE; Structural; Civil Engineering)
  • Subsurface/Geo-technical Investigation
  • Permitting & Utility Coordination
  • Estimating/Procurement
  • Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Management
  • Close-Out Post Construction

Laboratory Completed Construction Portfolio