Truck & Fleet Maintenance Facilities help companies repair, manage, and maintain their vehicles.  Many companies find it more cost-effective to replace old vehicles with a new fleet but all vehicles need to be maintained until this time comes.  A maintenance facility is a necessary part of their operations to keep these vehicles on the road and ensure they are delivering products, materials, or providing services offered to their customers.

Preventative maintenance is a necessary part of these business’ ability to solve small problems before they affect daily operations.  Daily wear and tear on truck and fleets are the same as what you would encounter with any vehicle such oil changes, replacing any fluids, adjustments, cleaning, testing, and replacing worn parts.  This proactive maintenance will extend the life of the vehicle, allowing companies to replace older vehicles with new vehicles in a cost and time-effective manner as older ones the older ones phase out.

Modern Truck & Fleet Maintenance Facilities should include software systems to implement systems to create and track preventive maintenance plans, which should include schedules, work orders, fuel usage, detailed maintenance history, tire logs, accidents and claims, inventory, manage labor, and reports.  But before this can be implemented, you need a facility that includes maintenance bays, lube room and reels, storage rooms, parts rooms, offices and other options that a maintenance shop can include.

Cambridge Companies’ design-build team works to construct lasting facilities for our clients.  We use a proven process and lessons learned to ensure the final result is in line with what our clients are looking for.  Our team handles all aspects of the design and construction process so you can continue to run your operation without interruption of your daily business.  Cambridge understands the complexities of your project and works to ensure the facility is what you need to run your business efficiently.

Truck & Fleet Maintenance Facilities

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