Recycling Facilities or Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) are specialized plants that receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials for reuse in manufacturing recycled products. MRFs use specialized machines to sort single stream, municipal solid waste, commercial, industrial and construction & demolition recyclables into plastics, paper, cans, glass, etc.

Recycling Facilities

The items are either compacted, crushed, or separated by type or resin identification codes. They are then compressed into bales for easy transportation to the location(s) that will be using them to create new recycled items. Consumers can participate in recycling programs through curbside pickup if offered by a municipality or collection company, drop-off centers, buy-back centers and deposit/refund programs.

Recycling Facilities

Cambridge Companies can assist you in the design-build of recycling facilities within your budget and timeframe. Our experienced team has built recycling facilities across the United States and was awarded the project for the largest residential recycling center in Las Vegas (completed November 2015). Cambridge’s team of experienced project managers, field managers, and continuous communication throughout construction allows our clients to be a part of decisions and project milestones.

Cambridge Companies’ Recycling Facilities Portfolio

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