The Solid Waste Industry serves customers through the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste.  In addition to these services they control, monitor and regulate production, collection, transport, treatment, disposal, and the prevention of waste production through in-process modification, reuse and recycling.

Solid Waste Industry

These services are necessary to ensure that waste is handled in an organized, clean way.  Without the solid waste industry, trash disposal and treatment would allow for odor and disease to occur around the world.  The facilities they require are very specific to the type of waste they are handling.

Within the solid waste industry, Cambridge Companies works with waste management companies to ensure the facilities they require are built to ensure safety and quality.  Cambridge has completed new builds, repairs, renovations, upgrades, expansions and modifications on transfer stations, recycling facilities, hauling companies and repair shops, landfill offices and shops, scale houses, solidification pits, wastewater treatment facilities, leachate collection systems and other waste management facilities across the United States.

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