Construction of any project begins with planning, design and financing.  Large scale construction involves a number of businesses and even more people.  Each construction project that is undertaken includes a project manager, construction manager and design engineer or architect.  Planning and communication are essential to each and every project.  The details for each step or part of construction must be taken into consideration prior to breaking ground including zoning requirements, environmental impact, scheduling, budgeting, site safety, building materials and logistics for all contractors and subcontractors.

A Design-Build firm in the construction industry assists from the initial design of a building or facility to managing all aspects of construction from ground breaking through to complete construction.  Design-Build firms can range from general contractors to specialty industries or types of buildings being constructed.

Cambridge Companies is a design-build firm located in Griffith, IN for the commercial and solid waste industries.  We work with our customers from the initial design through to completed construction, managing all aspects of the project and ensuring we stay within the customer’s budget.  Our customers are never left out of the decision process and are continually communicated with on a weekly basis.  Cambridge has a unique process we utilize to ensure quality and timely completion of projects.

Cambridge Companies Industries

The Commercial Construction Industry deals in mainly building offices, retail, hotel, restaurant and entertainment structures.

The Solid Waste Construction Industry deals in building facilities for waste management companies including transfer stations, recycling facilities, hauling companies, container repair shops, landfill shops, solidification facilities, waste water treatment facilities & more.

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