Custom Design-Build Construction for Various Industries

Cambridge Companies Industries

Whether you’re in the heavy commercial, light industrial or solid waste industries, we have the design-build construction solution for you. Our family-owned firm provides custom design-build services for a variety of buildings. Across everything we do, we strive to exceed client expectations with our quality, experience, skill, and customer service.

Our construction services include design engineering, design-build contracting, construction management and services, and much more for heavy commercial and industrial projects. We can do everything from assisting in the initial feasibility and design phases to managing all aspects of construction – from groundbreaking to completion. We also offer LEED-accredited professionals and green building solutions to optimize your environmental impact. Ultimately, all of our projects are open book, and we take pride in coming in on time and on budget.

Our Clients and Our Project Partners

Construction for each project begins with planning, design, and financing. But it’s more than just a building at Cambridge Companies — we see each of our clients as project partners. Before generating any conceptual drawings or creating a construction plan, we learn our client’s business and operations to determine the most operationally efficient and cost-effective solution. We want to know the details of your requirements and build a relationship with you.  And, then our team will customize a design-build construction process to meet your unique situation and needs.

Our streamlined, proven process typically includes seven major steps: 1) initial contact, 2)  programming & conceptual design (scoping or feasibility), 3) design & permitting, 4) procurement, 5) construction, 6) close out and 7) follow up. Large-scale design-build construction involves a number of businesses and even more people. Each construction project that is undertaken includes a design project manager, architect, contract administrator, assistant project manager, construction project and estimator. Communication among them is essential for a successful project. The details for each part of construction must be taken into consideration prior to breaking ground. These include zoning requirements, environmental permitting, scheduling, budgeting, site safety, building materials, and logistics for all contractors and subcontractors.

At Cambridge Companies, we prioritize coordination, teamwork, safety, and quality. We’re results-oriented and include our clients in every decision. At the end of the day, we know we’ve created a solid foundation and stand behind what we build. Our commitment to our clients and core values has led to continued success across many industries.

We can tackle any building construction project you send our way. From projects in the commercial industry (such as restaurants and offices), industrial industry (such as maintenance facilities), and the solid waste industry, we have the experience and skill to get it done. Cambridge has experience in recent projects from various industries, including:

  • Landfill maintenance facilities,
  • Scales and scale houses,
  • Transfer Stations,
  • Recycling Centers/MRFs,
  • Plant expansions,
  • Hauling Companies,
  • Restaurants,
  • Medical Offices, &
  • Community churches.

What can we create for you? To learn more about our design-build construction services, contact us online or call 866-972-1155 today.

The Commercial Construction Industry deals in mainly building offices, retail, hotel, restaurant and entertainment structures.

The Solid Waste Construction Industry deals in building facilities for waste management companies including transfer stations, recycling facilities, hauling companies, container repair shops, landfill shops, solidification facilities, waste water treatment facilities & more.

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