March 2017

Volume 2, Issue 1

Topic: Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

Focus: Planning & Implementing a Facility Expansion;

            New Build Case Study;

            Upcoming Events


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING A FACILITY EXPANSION: A high-level look at a step-by-step process to improved, updated or expand existing MRF facilities

Evan Williams

This article appeared in the March 2017 edition of Waste Advantage Magazine

Recycling is a dynamic industry with constantly changing priorities and best practices. Owners and operators of recycling facilities are faced with a landscape that requires adaptability and flexibility to ensure that their operations and services meet the needs and expectations of their clients now and into the future. In order to adapt to these changes, companies and municipalities look to make changes or upgrades to their existing recycling facilities; however, they face tough economic conditions with limited return on investment (ROI) available to them. Changes must make good financial sense in order to be approved by the ones funding them.  It is imperative for all parties involved to efficiently plan these modifications and work through the process of implementing these changes as expeditiously as possible in order to help manage the costs. The added complication of reduced commodity prices requires that all changes be cost effective. There are several ways to meet this goal; planning and coordinating, by incorporating all the project team members, is critical to achieving a quality end product that fulfills the project objectives and provides sufficient ROI to be approved.

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MRF / Recycling Center


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